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Julio uses the slogan "La Formula" to represent his company because he attributes all of his past and present influences and experiences into his work. He has an extensive background working with the best of the best in the industry and has learned to build surfboards from the ground up, having experience in every step of production. Through these experiences, plus his extensive knowledge of surfing from a professional stand point, he has been able to excel at mastering his profession and has grown confident in the quality of his work. As a shaper, he is constantly inventing new formulas and designs, keeping up with the newest technology and not afraid to try new things that could possibly revolutionize surfing. 

Kailani Surfboards began in 2011 by shaper Julio Nurse. After working in the surf industry for over 15 years and competing at an international surfing level, Julio knew he could revolutionize surfing by providing surfer the high quality boards they need to win. His dream was quickly achieved as contest after contest his boards were making podiums, winning high purses and titled with the Latin American Champion of 2013! The name Kailani Surfboards quickly grew into a reputable and highly desired brand. 

Kailani Surfboards is dedicated to performance and high quality through hard work, innovation and originality.Our mission is to create custom surfboards that suit your level of surfing so that you can optimize performance and enhance your surfing experience. Kailani Surfboards is based out of Oceanside, CA and are manufactured 100% in house using only the highest quality materials. We ship worldwide.

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